Wind Power Services for Utilties

Whether complying with government mandates, diversifying your generation portfolio, replacing controversial power sources, or decommissioning resources that have become too expensive to maintain, renewable energy generation will be part of the conversation. ANTARES recognizes that renewable distributed generation efforts by utilities are often only a small part of a much larger interlocking puzzle of generation means. Adding intermittent wind sources to a complex, ever-evolving grid infrastructure has significant impacts beyond the clear benefits of additional energy production and load support.

ANTARES offers wind resource and project feasibility assessment services to help our clients identify the right technology and implementation to best address their objectives. Our services include wind prospecting, economic feasibility, installation of meteorological towers, visual simulation, public outreach, and expert witness assistance in Public Service Commission hearings. We’re aware of the balance between financial viability and feasibility, of community approval and acceptance, and what it takes to simultaneously achieve each.

Complete Assessment Studies

While each project is different, our detailed feasibility studies and preliminary project design generally follow the same three steps:

  • Data collection and identification of candidate installation locations,
  • Evaluation of technology options based on facility and energy needs, and
  • Technical assessment and economic analyses (to evaluate potential systems and provide recommendations for development).

ANTARES staff has experience with a wide range of specialty modeling software packages for evaluating the potential of wind energy technologies, including WAsP and Wind Pro. These software packages have become industry standard for evaluating wind resources and the resulting economic and environmental value of wind energy projects. GIS-based site assessment can also be used to evaluate potential areas of visual impact, optimize project siting, understand and mitigate potential impacts to species and habitats, and plan for new infrastructure such as roads, foundations, and electrical systems.

Owner’s Engineer Services

ANTARES has performed Owner’s Engineer services for various utility programs, including the implementation of significant additions of solar resources of up to 30 MW. This program was aimed at closely studying the benefits and indirect impacts of distributed generation while creating a best-practices plan for maximizing high-level value to the utility as solar starts to play a larger role in the energy resource spectrum. We performed assessments for the program including technical reviews and lessons learned from existing utility distributed generation projects, review of current and forecasted market trends, technical analysis of available resources, and technical design recommendations for project systems.

ANTARES’ extensive experience can ensure you’re making the right decision when it comes to wind development. For more information, contact us here.