Solar Services for Utilties

As a utility, there is a constant need to be evaluating your generation infrastructure and assessing potential sources of additional energy. Whether for complying with government mandates, diversifying your generation portfolio, replacing controversial power sources, or decommissioning resources that have become too expensive to maintain, renewable energy generation is going to be a key part of the conversation.

ANTARES offers a wide range of solar-resource and project-development services to help our clients identify the technology and implementation that best addresses their objectives. Whether with our comprehensive feasibility studies, project installation services, or energy program design services, ANTARES can help you to attain your solar energy goals. A brief sample of our previous utility-based projects includes:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) generation projects for strategic energy sourcing (in targeted load zones and as part of demand response programs),
  • Public demonstrations in areas of high visibility,
  • Community solar projects in targeted residential and commercial areas, and
  • Study projects evaluating the potential effects of distributed generation.

Project Development + Installation

Our staff has helped design and install over 100 solar PV systems and is highly skilled at providing a best-practices approach to maximize project value. ANTARES has a long history in project management and is intimately familiar with all phases of development, installation logistics (including coordinating vendors, sub-contractors, permitting, and inspection), commissioning, and benchmarking. We employ a cradle-to-grave approach, addressing all aspects of operational efficiency over the lifespan of the system, from conceptual development to system decommissioning.

Comprehensive Program Design

We recognize that renewable energy distributed generation efforts are only a small part of a much larger interlocking puzzle of generation means. Adding intermittent solar sources to a complex, ever-evolving grid infrastructure has significant impacts beyond the benefits of additional energy production and load support. Programs that add significant solar resources to the grid require a clear strategy and approach on a scale much larger than a single system installation. They have to take into account both historical and projected loading profiles as well as geographic relevance.

ANTARES has performed Owner’s Engineer services for utility programs, including establishing best-practices plans (as solar generation starts to play a larger role in the utility’s energy resource spectrum), forecasting PV market trends, and providing technical design recommendations and distributed-generation project oversight.

To learn more about how ANTARES can help your solar project, contact us here.