Energy Efficiency and Auditing

The desire to keep a manageable system-wide load factor, coupled with the fact that many states are now setting statewide energy targets, has many utilities choosing to implement energy efficiency and incentive programs. ANTARES has helped develop guidelines and materials for newly implemented utility programs, and has extensive experience serving as a technical reviewer of projects applying for incentives under these programs. We can help you maximize your potential program’s benefits, while finding a personalized solution that works for both you and your customers.

Identifying High-Impact Projects

As a technical-assistance provider, ANTARES has conducted reviews of potential electricity and natural gas savings across a wide variety of large commercial and industrial facilities: medical centers, brewing companies, molded plastics facilities, food manufacturers, and universities.

We’ve evaluated efficiency measures relating to industry-specific manufacturing processes and equipment replacement, HVAC and heating systems, compressed air systems, boilers and generators, variable frequency drive implementation on existing pumps and motors, and much more.

Our facility evaluation techniques can incorporate both general energy-reduction strategies and site-specific project analyses depending upon individual site needs. During site visits, ANTARES reviews existing equipment and processes, collecting any additional information needed to complete the study, including nameplate data, meter readings, and interval data.

Once a site visit is complete, ANTARES conducts an independent engineering analysis and compiles our results into a report that’s submitted to both the facility and the sponsoring utility. This detailed report includes estimated project costs, expected energy savings, and a recommended incentive (if applicable) based upon the program’s implementation structure.

Support Where It’s Most Needed

ANTARES’ experience with reviewing proposed energy conservation measures puts us in a unique position to provide policy support to utilities. Past work we’ve done in this area includes:

  • Developing program structures and recommended incentive levels,
  • Establishing annual program budgets (including funds to manage the program, provide incentives to customers, and review applications), and
  • Creating the necessary forms and web pages for applicants (allowing them to read about the program, learn about the various incentive levels, and apply).

To learn more about what ANTARES can do for your project, contact us here.