Third Quarter Wind Installations Released for US

Last week the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) released its Third Quarter 2015 Market Report.

The U.S. currently has an installed wind capacity of 69,471 MW and 49,860 wind turbines. The wind industry installed 1,602 MW of capacity in the third quarter of 2015, on top of the 1,994 MW were installed in the first two quarters of 2015, for a total of 3,596 MW year to date.

Current US Wind Power Capacity Installations, by State:

wind 1

It’s fairly safe to say that these projects started construction in 2014 or earlier. This is noteworthy, because although the PTC is expired, wind projects that began construction before December 31, 2014 are still eligible to claim the 30% credit.

US Wind Power Capacity Installations, by Quarter:

wind 2

The report also indicates that 1,250 MW of new construction began in the third quarter, for a total of 4,650 MW of new construction activity reported year to date.  This includes 1,200 MW reported in the 1Q and 2,200 MW for the 2Q. Unless the PTC is retroactively renewed, these new projects will not be eligible for the PTC.

Of particular note is that the 3Q new construction activity includes the largest wind project to be constructed in the Southeast, the 208 MW Amazon Wind Farm US East, which will be located in Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties, North Carolina, with a planned commercial operation date of December 2016. The only other wind project currently operating in the Southeast is the 29 MW Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Center, which is located near Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and was completed in 2004.

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