Alternative Transportation Solutions

CNG Refuse Truck

A CNG refuse truck – part of a CNG fleet studied by ANTARES in Colorado

ANTARES coordinated and developed a three-phase CNG project for NYSERDA that included outreach educational events, educational materials, and an in-depth whitepaper. Read how we can find an alternative transportation solution that meets your needs

Whether electric, CNG, LPG, or other emerging approaches, a successful alternative fuel deployment program leaves little room for error. From vehicles to fuels, codes to training, maintenance to first responders, one misstep or oversight can cripple an otherwise solid plan to run your fleet on fuels that are less dependent on petroleum or foreign sources. It takes a team with extensive experience in this industry to know what’s needed to bring a project from the conceptual stage to full-scale production.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed a discerning eye for avoiding common pitfalls, communication missteps, and missed opportunities in alternative vehicles. ANTARES has experience deploying alternative-vehicle projects for law enforcement, transit, refuse, and delivery applications, while working with project developers and both public and private fleets. From technology assessment and selection, to fueling infrastructure and business models, to end-user and first-responder training, ANTARES brings its comprehensive set of experiences to help ensure your project’s success.

ROI, Reliability, and a Better Future

You have enough on your plate. ANTARES will leverage our expertise with the specific requirements of your organization to craft a tailor-made formula for success. Careful technology selection, transition management, infrastructure planning, and financial ROI are keys to a successful alternative fuel deployment. ANTARES has proven systems in place for recommending fuel sources, partners, funding mechanisms, technology evaluations, and monitoring to help you maximize your investment.

Our comprehensive feasibility studies also:

  • Assess vehicle technologies and fuel choices (based on a detailed fleet profile, route analysis, business assessment, and user capabilities),
  • Identify fueling infrastructure strategy (including potential fuel sources, partners, and external revenue sources),
  • Develop financial pro formas to assess a project’s long-term viability, and
  • Provide an up-to-date competitive analysis of the state of the industry (including an unbiased, third-party perspective on technology, feasibility, and ROI).

Unbiased Results

As a technical partner, ANTARES has one thing in mind: your best interest. We don’t work for fuel marketers. We don’t work for manufacturers. We aren’t sponsored by industry associations. We are passionate, technical, driven individuals with first-hand knowledge of all of the alternative-transportation technologies we recommend.

We know drivers’ habits, managers’ needs, and investors’ requirements. We know what industries can and can’t do, what municipalities will and won’t allow, and how to address first responders’ concerns. We’ve been there, from the driver seat to the boardroom chair, and we bring a broad, unbiased perspective to every project.

To learn more about how ANTARES can help with your alternative-transportation development and deployment project, contact us here.