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Transporting biomass from field

ANTARES assists in the demonstration of new biomass logistics equipment for DOE’s Biomass Program.

This is an ANTARES rendering of a biomass-based CHP project currently under construction in Central New York. ANTARES is serving as the Owner’s Engineering Representative. Read about all our services for biomass energy clients

Biomass energy, or “Bioenergy”, is a form of energy that uses renewable resource to produce transportation fuels, power, or heat. Biomass is available in various forms across the U.S. and can be cost competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

The primary examples of biomass include:

  • Agricultural residues
  • Energy crops
  • Forest residues and wood waste

ANTARES has experience with each of these feedstocks and we work with clients to identify the best fuel source for their project. Our research uncovers how much supply is out there, how much is available, and the likely price that a project will pay.

Whether it’s a small biomass heating system or a utility-scale biomass power project, ANTARES can gauge the feasibility of a project and help clients see them through to success.

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