Wind Power Services for State Governments

State-run and -sponsored initiatives set an important precedent in furthering renewable technologies on a local level, and they play a grassroots role in the successful growth and modernization of national energy policy. ANTARES staff works with government and private clients to help support their renewable-energy programs and policy objectives, and we have extensive experience in policy analysis, public administration, program evaluation, strategic and budget planning, and communication and outreach. ANTARES delivers a combination of real-world experience and programmatic expertise that program managers need.

As caretaker for several types of state-run spaces, financial upkeep can become a daunting but necessary line item on annual budgets. ANTARES staff, through site assessments and feasibility studies, can help you realize the potential of spaces such as closed public landfills and contaminated lands to turn brownfields into energy producers and financial opportunity.

Feasibility Studies + Installations

While each project is different, our detailed feasibility studies and preliminary project design will include data collection and identification of candidate installation locations, evaluation of technology options based upon each facility’s energy needs, and technical assessment and economic analyses (to fully evaluate potential systems and provide recommendations for development). ANTARES makes final recommendations on which applications should be implemented based on their overall energy savings, upfront costs, contribution toward satisfying energy mandates, and any other considerations of importance to the client.

ANTARES staff has experience with a wide variety of specialty modeling software packages for evaluating the potential of wind energy technologies, including WAsP and Wind Pro. ANTARES is also skilled at GIS-based site assessment to evaluate potential areas of visual impact, optimize project siting, understand and mitigate potential impacts to species and habitats, and plan for new infrastructure such as roads and electrical systems.

Program Support + Financial Flexibility

With so much discussion and controversy surrounding government spending in general and specifically regarding renewable energy, many state investment projects can benefit from one of several financing strategies aimed at reducing upfront capital costs. ANTARES is well versed in providing support for complex financial models, including power purchase agreements, energy savings performance contracts, and utility energy services contracts.

Our technical staff at ANTARES has been involved with projects including the development of roadmaps for photovoltaic technologies, bioenergy, and renewable energy and energy policy; creating guidance for interpreting and implementing renewable energy requirements for Federal agencies (for the Federal Energy Management Program); and assisting Building Technologies and Solar Programs with technical peer reviews of their entire programs.

To learn more about some of the wind projects that we’ve worked on with state agencies in the past, and what we can do for your project, contact us here.