Energy Efficiency and Auditing Services

State governments and organizations play an incredibly important role in promoting energy efficiency practices. Between helping to fund and support the development of emerging technologies, providing incentive programs for energy efficiency projects, and working to ensure that their own facilities are operating at the best of their ability, many states are striving to set a good example for their local industries.

ANTARES has worked with state agencies on a variety of projects, including: energy audits of state-owned facilities, audits of commercial/industrial facilities on behalf of the state, outreach efforts to promote the value of incentive programs, and technical review of projects applying for incentives. Regardless of project scope, ANTARES can produce high-quality deliverables that satisfy both your budget and schedule.

Experienced Auditing and Technical Review

ANTARES has experience working on auditing measures and technical reviews with over 100 different industrial and commercial facilities, both privately and publicly owned. ANTARES currently serves as a technical reviewer for both a state agency and a local utility company offering customer incentive programs. Each effort has presented a new challenge and added to ANTARES’ ever-expanding expertise.

Detailed energy audits involve in-depth reviews of building equipment and effective data collection as needed. ANTARES then identifies potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) based on the existing equipment and facility input, and performs an analytical cost/benefit analysis to determine potential savings. ANTARES makes final recommendations on which ECMs should be implemented based upon energy savings, upfront costs, impacts on facility performance, and more.

Support Where It’s Most Needed

ANTARES’ experience with reviewing proposed energy conservation measures puts us in a unique position to provide crucial policy support to states that are looking to improve their energy reduction programs. Our past work done in this area includes:

  • Determining which industrial sectors are a state’s highest energy consumers,
  • Developing promotional materials and case studies to improve outreach, and
  • Identifying companies that are ideal outreach candidates via industry data.

To learn more about some of the energy savings projects that we’ve worked on with state agencies in the past, and what we can do for your project, contact us here.