Biomass Services for State Agencies

State agencies face unique challenges when it comes to biomass-fueled heat and power projects. You may want to develop a project of your own to showcase your commitment to environmental concerns, or you may be administering incentives for privately developed biomass projects. Despite a constrained budget, you may still be facing renewable energy development goals that need to be addressed.

While all entities face slightly different challenges, ANTARES has a lengthy history of working with state and local governments to develop their biomass projects and help them oversee projects receiving state incentive funds. We have recently worked with New York State’s Energy Research and Development Authority to administer their innovative renewable portfolio standard program, which has funded a wide variety of biomass-fueled power generators (from landfill gas engines through retrofitted utility power stations). We’ve also worked with federal and local governments to develop both biomass-fueled and combined-heat-and-power projects.

Flexible Development Services

If you’re considering developing your own project, we can provide a detailed, thorough feasibility study to help you understand your options and their lifecycle costs and performance. Our comprehensive feasibility studies account for:

  • Logistical concerns relating to fuel storage, truck traffic, and noise levels,
  • Historical preservation and aesthetic concerns,
  • Fuel supplies and susceptibility to nearby projects and changing energy prices,
  • The boiler or fuel conversion system that best fits your project needs,
  • The environmental impacts of one’s fuel choice or fuel switch,
  • Project sensitivity to a range of cost and performance factors, and
  • Alternative financing options (including ESPC, PPA, and UESC).

Our feasibility studies provide all the information one needs to confidently decide whether or not a biomass-fueled project is the most appropriate investment.

Experienced Technical Assistance

If you’re providing financing or incentives to project developers, we can help you ensure that your money is well spent. We’ve evaluated developers’ designs and feasibility documents to ensure projects will be likely to succeed. We’ve developed contracts, accounting systems, and fuel management plans to help developers track their renewable energy production and environmental attributes. And we’ve overseen complex biomass-fueled systems, from cofired biomass and fossil fuels, to scrubbers and limestone injection systems, to intricate fuel yard management arrangements.

If you’re considering a biomass-fueled project, whether as a developer or an investor, we’re here to help. For more information, contact us here.