Solar PV Site Leasing Opportunity Assessment

Interested in leasing your roof or property for solar development? ANTARES is now providing FREE preliminary assessments to property owners.

In a growing number of energy markets solar developers are paying to rent roof or ground space to install photovoltaic (PV) systems. ANTARES Group is closely monitoring the solar site leasing market and want to provide those interested in renting out their roof/property with contacts or relevant information in your area. If you own or manage property with unobstructed roof or ground space with unshaded access to the south then you could potentially be a candidate for solar site leasing.

Example Arrays

Typical Roof Mount (Top) and Typical Ground Mount (Bottom)

  • Do you have large open roof space with year-round sun? How about a large open area where ground-mounted solar panels could be installed?
  • Are you interested in hosting a solar project at your facility under a multi-year lease agreement (10+ years typical)?
  • Would you like a solar feasibility assessment conducted for your facility?
      If so, provide your contact and site information below. It’s 100% FREE and there is no obligation required. We will review the information provided and get back to you with a FREE analysis of your location within two business days and let you know what is next.

For more information see our Example Report and if you have any questions see the FAQ below.


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What is a solar property/site lease?
Why are solar property/site leases becoming popular?
What are the minimal siting requirements for rooftop PV?
What are the minimal siting requirements for ground mount PV?
What are the ideal siting requirements for rooftop PV?
What are the ideal siting requirements for ground mount PV?
What will the building / site owner need to sign up for?
Will a solar PV installation damage my roof or property?
What is a site typically worth?
What else do I need to know?