Wind Power Services for Project Developers

ANTARES provides wind resource assessment services to assist in evaluating the potential of large, utility-scale wind farms as well as community and facility-scale wind projects. Our staff includes professional engineers, project managers, and analysts who have supported the development of over 450 MW of operational utility-scale wind power (as well as many gigawatts of power that are currently in various stages of early project development).

In addition to in-house expertise, we have working relationships with a pool of experts who have assisted our staff on previous projects, including systems engineers, interconnection and environmental consultants, trucking and transportation partners, environmental lawyers, and public relations consultants. Collectively, our team provides an outstanding project development and feasibility assessment value to our diverse client base.

Detailed, Comprehensive Analysis

Our wind resource staff is trained to use both WAsP and WindPro, an industry standard for resource modeling and wind project planning. Assessment can be initiated using either site-collected or public data to evaluate the available wind resources, select the appropriate system size, estimate energy production, and provide long-term resource correlations. GIS-based site assessment can also be used to help evaluate potential areas of visual impact, optimize project siting, understand and mitigate potential impacts to species and habitats, and plan for new infrastructure such as roads, foundations, and electrical systems.

Project Development + Support

ANTARES can provide the full spectrum of wind project development services, including:

  • Economic feasibility analyses,
  • Site selection for meteorological towers,
  • Initial design and final turbine siting,
  • Review of financing options, potential financing sources, and tax credits,
  • Coordination of environmental and interconnection studies,
  • Public outreach support, and
  • Identification and establishment of power purchasing agreements.

To learn more about how ANTARES can assist you with your wind development project, contact us here.