Solar Energy Project Development Services

ANTARES provides solar energy project development services that encompass all phases of design and installation. Our staff has helped design and install over 100 solar PV systems and are highly familiar with the government-based programs and incentives that can enhance a solar energy project’s economics. Quick and painless permitting ensures that construction can start on schedule without incurring the extra cost of delays. ANTARES can effectively analyze your project objectives to present tailored engineering strategies that maximize overall value to the system owner.

From addressing energy usage through on-site solar electric generation and solar thermal harvesting, to generating public appeal and interest through high-visibility demonstration projects, ANTARES’ expertise will guide your project to its goal.

Complete Project Oversight

ANTARES has a extensive history of project management and is intimately familiar with all phases of the development and commissioning processes, including:

  • Analysis of the host site and project objectives,
  • Project design and engineering based on life-cycle modeling and forecasting,
  • Evaluation, selection, and coordination of project vendors and sub-contractors,
  • Project permitting and jurisdictional post-installation inspection, and
  • Final system commissioning and benchmarking.

ANTARES employs a cradle-to-grave approach for project installation that addresses all aspects of operational efficiency over the lifespan of the system, from conceptual development to system decommissioning.

Owner’s Engineering

With all the complexities of a large project, it’s not going to be completed overnight. Throughout the whole developmental timeline of your project, it’s essential to have someone in your corner who will always have your best interests at heart. ANTARES has performed owner’s engineer services for any number of renewable technologies, including large-scale solar energy development initiatives. Our staff is experienced in coordinating with contractors and reviewing all proposed engineering work to ensure a project’s design both lives up to its promises and fulfills your objectives.

To learn more about what ANTARES can do for your solar energy development project, contact us here.