Geothermal Systems for Project Developers

ANTARES has been a successful small business over the past 20 years not only because of our ability provide expert guidance on all aspects of commercial and industrial energy systems but by also being highly responsive to our client needs and timelines. This responsiveness is most appreciated by our project development partners who rely on us to keep their projects moving forward while staying on budget whether it is an energy efficiency upgrade or the development of a biomass power plant.

ANTARES now offers our project development engineering and consulting services to geothermal or ground source heat pump installations. This highly efficient heating and cooling technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 44% when compared to conventional air-source heat pumps. This is achieved by using an alternative thermal source/sink in the heat pump cycle such as a pond, aquifer or the ground rather than the ambient air for heat exchange. These alternative thermal reservoirs have high thermal capacities that don’t vary with the season. These systems reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and facility maintenance all while improving building comfort because of their flexibility.

ANTARES has extensive experience evaluating ground source or geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) for retrofits, new construction for both large and small installations. We also understand how public policy and incentives can make or break project economics. Few companies can provide the unbiased expert guidance in geothermal projects while also having strong qualifications in building and industrial energy efficiency, renewable energy, and public policy. These unique qualifications could make ANTARES a great partner whether your team is applying for LEED certification, doing a building energy retrofit, or simply evaluating alternatives for new construction.

Proud of the Clients We Serve

ANTARES has a proven track record serving industrial clients that stretches back over 20 years, we get them on track to be lean and efficient while maintaining or increasing reliability and serviceability. ANTARES is proud to routinely provide our services to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) where we evaluate the HVAC systems on hospital campuses all over the country and identify the best geothermal heat pump opportunities for them. These studies get the VA on track to meeting federal energy efficiency goals while improving the facilities for our Veterans.

In addition to serving the VA, ANTARES is a FlexTech auditor for NYSERDA, and a technical reviewer for both NYSERDA’s and National Grid’s energy incentive programs, ANTARES has experience in performing both energy audits and reviewing the results of third party energy savings calculations to verify the energy cost savings under real life operating conditions.

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