Energy Efficiency and Auditing Services

A large portion of a potential project’s success depends on the timely and efficient manner in which it is developed. You make crucial decisions about the equipment that goes into a new facility, which can impact its operation long after those initial decisions have been made and implemented. What size of equipment should you choose? Are high-efficiency models worth the extra upfront cost? Will growth and future energy loads complicate things? Does oversizing equipment make sense?

ANTARES can help you answer all of these questions and more.

Determining the Value of High-Efficiency

ANTARES can provide detailed energy analyses that will either support investment in high-efficiency models or reaffirm the selection of standard-efficiency equipment. Installing high-efficiency equipment upfront is generally far more cost effective than retrofitting units later on, after construction has already been completed.

Keeping Things on Track

ANTARES has worked with facilities to help provide a second set of eyes for projects throughout their various stages of development. Often the equipment selected by the project’s contractor has been too large for the proposed applications, which not only inflates upfront capital costs, but also causes a variety of problems later on, including decreased efficiencies, higher operational costs, and reduced system lifetime. While some degree of equipment oversizing may be required to accommodate future load growth, excessive oversizing only hurts a project’s overall development.
Our experienced staff can catch these issues early on in your project, preventing unnecessary equipment purchases and helping to mitigate expensive engineering costs later on.

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