Japan Completes Large Offshore Wind Turbine Project

Japan recently completed the installation of the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, with plans for it to be operational by September 2015. The 7 MW wind turbine is located 12 miles off the coast of Fukushima, and is designed to withstand 65-foot waves. This project will join the 45.6 MW of offshore wind capacity that is already installed, with several hundred additional megawatts planned.  Additional information on the planned offshore wind projects is located here.


One of the floating turbines at Fukushima.

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About Heidi Alsbrooks

Heidi Lestyan Alsbrooks is a project manager and lead technical analyst for ANTARES. Her experience includes resource assessments, performance evaluation, visualization studies and economic analyses. She specializes in wind energy, renewable energy policy, and GIS-based resource modeling.

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