Industries We Serve

From farmers to Federal agencies, ANTARES has experience working with clients across various and diverse industries. Every industry has its unique challenges. With ANTARES as a partner, you can be sure that we’ll find the right clean energy strategy to meet your goals.

So we may better help you, choose your industry below and then learn about the services we offer for various clean energy technologies.

Project Developers

Project siting, regulatory compliance, fuel supply – there are many challenges facing renewable energy project developers. ANTARES develops comprehensive feasibility studies that identify all the risks and common pitfalls so you can make a well-informed decision.

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ANTARES offers renewable power solutions for utilities in the areas of biomass, solar, wind, and more. We also assist utilities with their efforts to provide energy efficiency and incentive programs to customers.

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State Agencies

State and local governments can support clean energy in a number of ways. They can develop their own projects or offer incentives to the private sector. Whether it’s a detailed feasibility for your own project or technical assistance for incentive programs, ANTARES has you covered.

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Federal Agencies

The Federal government has numerous mandates for reducing energy intensity and increasing the use of renewable energy. ANTARES stays up to date on the rules and knows them inside and out. It’s our job to help agencies follow them and develop cost-effective solutions.

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Energy costs are one of a manufacturer’s largest expenses. Alternative energy solutions and energy efficiency improvements can have a direct impact on the bottom line while meeting corporate sustainability goals. ANTARES will help you find a cost-effective solution that hits your energy targets.

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Energy reduction at a commercial facility must be balanced with the comfort and care of building occupants. ANTARES performs detailed energy audits to find the best energy conservation measures and works closely with facility staff to address questions and concerns.

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