Wind Power Services for Industry and Manufacturing

More and more companies are looking toward renewable energy to reduce their energy costs, provide an independent backup power supply in the event of grid failure, and to show support for the environment through sustainable business practices. Wind energy solutions can be particularly appealing, as they reduce consumption of grid-based power, reduce fuel costs, and offer the opportunity to net-meter excess electricity.

There are a variety of wind energy technologies and applications, and ANTARES can help find a system that works for you. ANTARES is entirely focused on the renewable energy and energy efficiency markets, and our staff is especially familiar with the ins and outs of government programs and incentives that can enhance wind energy project economics, including state and federal tax credits and rebates, RECs, and carbon credits.

Customized Feasibility Studies

ANTARES offers wind resource and project feasibility assessment services to help our clients identify the right wind technology and implementation for their facility. In a typical feasibility study effort, ANTARES describes the process for obtaining permits, receiving incentives, and monetizing RECs: all of which help to make projects more economical.

While each facility is different, our detailed feasibility studies and preliminary project design will identify candidate locations for installation, collect data regarding wind resources and site-specific details, evaluate potential project options (based on energy needs and facility configuration), and perform a technical assessment and economic analysis to evaluate potential systems and provide recommendations for development. ANTARES makes final recommendations on which applications should be implemented based on their overall energy savings, upfront costs, and any other considerations of importance to the client.

Technical Expertise + Project Experience

ANTARES corporate wind experience includes resource and feasibility assessments as well as environmental impact studies for a wide variety of private and public-sector facilities. Our clients’ projects have ranged from small turbine installations to utility-scale wind projects.

Our staff also has experience with using of a variety of different specialty modeling software packages to evaluate the potential for wind energy technologies, including WAsP and Wind Pro. These software packages have become the industry standard technique for evaluating the wind resource potential of wind energy projects. ANTARES staff is also skilled at GIS-based site assessment to evaluate potential areas of visual impact, optimize project siting, understand and mitigate potential impacts to local species and habitats, and plan for new infrastructure such as roads, foundations, and electrical systems.

To learn more about how ANTARES can help your wind project, contact us here.