Industrial Energy Efficiency and Auditing Services

Industrial facility managers are frequently under significant pressure to keep things operating both smoothly and efficiently. Periodic facility upgrades are a given, but did you know that the upfront capital costs of motors, fans, lighting, and other equipment often account for just a small fraction (as little as 5%) of their overall lifetime costs? Figuring out where and how to reduce your energy consumption before implementing conservation measures can help you make upgrades where they matter most.

ANTARES has worked extensively with industrial clients to provide comprehensive industrial energy audits and strategies for reducing overall energy costs. As a FlexTech auditor for NYSERDA and technical reviewer of energy incentive programs for NYSERDA and National Grid, ANTARES has significant experience in performing energy audits and reviewing results from third-party energy savings calculations.

Appropriate, High-Impact Opportunities

Facility management may already have a good idea of where their facility’s potential energy savings are, which is why ANTARES works closely with staff to address their questions and concerns throughout the auditing process. Our comprehensive facility review also helps to identify other areas where less-obvious potential energy savings may be achieved. Our detailed industrial audits include:

  • Assessment of building equipment and instrumentation (including data collection, as appropriate),
  • Identification of potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) based on existing equipment and facility input, and
  • Analytical cost/benefit analyses, ranking the potential ECMs and determining their relative energy savings.

ANTARES makes final recommendations on which ECMs should be implemented based on overall energy savings, upfront costs, and impact on facility performance.

An Experienced Project Partner

To date, ANTARES has performed over 100 energy audits, with another 50 reviews of third-party energy savings calculations (verifying them under real-world operating conditions). Our assessment team has worked with plastics, wood furniture, olive and vegetable oil, and aerospace-component manufacturing facilities, as well as a variety of other industrial facilities, quantifying their potential energy savings. We’ve also investigated compressed air system improvements, lighting upgrades, motor replacements and VFD installations, HVAC improvements, boiler replacements, process-specific equipment upgrades, and just about everything in between.

To learn more about how we can help your facility, contact us here.