Biomass Energy Services for the Industrial Sector

As an industrial facility, you will likely find that energy costs are one of your biggest expenses. You may be considering biomass as an alternative fuel. Whether you’re pursuing a large or small project, biomass can offer improved price stability relative to fossil fuels, reduced reliance on your local utility, and reduced fuel costs overall.

But you probably have a lot of questions. What size project is best? Should you develop a combined-heat-and-power or heating-only approach? And what energy cost savings will you see? There are also your unique process energy requirements, a tangled web of renewable-portfolio and pollution-control requirements, and the current financial environment. You need a feasibility study that doesn’t gloss over potentially game-changing possibilities, and a team that addresses all possible pitfalls and key market influences before they have a chance to derail your project.

That’s where ANTARES comes in.

Comprehensive Feasibility Studies

It’s our job to keep you from being blindsided. We’ve worked closely with technology vendors, acted as the owner’s engineer for a large biomass-fueled CHP project, and done detailed technical analyses for proposed and existing biomass-fueled projects (at paper mills, sawmills, business and technology parks, and other industrial sites). Our resource assessment team has extensive experience in biomass feedstocks and simulation software, as well as a thorough library of technical performance and cost information for biomass plants around the world. Our feasibility studies include:

  • Fuel supplies and susceptibility to nearby projects and changing energy prices,
  • Fuel-handling system options,
  • The breadth of current combustion and gasification technologies,
  • Available state and federal financial incentives, and
  • Project sensitivity to a range of cost and performance factors.

Our feasibility studies provide all the information you need to confidently decide whether or not a biomass-fueled project is the best investment for your needs.

Thoroughness in a Developing Market

There’s not a biomass-fueled power generator on every corner, and we know what it’s like when there appear to be more vendors trying to sell you a boiler than there are projects on the ground to look at. It can be even more intimidating when no one may yet have done a biopower project like the one you’re considering.

ANTARES’ extensive experience can ensure you’re making the right decision when it comes to biopower development. For more information, contact us here.