Solar Services for the Federal Government

Over the past several years, the federal government has passed various mandates that require all of its facilities to reduce their overall energy consumption and obtain more of their energy via renewable sources. Solar resources provide an excellent way to supplement or meet the on-site energy needs of your facility, whether from power generation at energy-intensive bases or hot-water delivery at federal prisons and medical centers. We’ve helped to evaluate nearly all kinds of solar systems, including:

  • Photovoltaics (PV) for generating electricity (including crystalline silicon, amorphous/thin-film, and concentrating PV technologies),
  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) for generating heat and power,
  • Solar thermal hot water generation,
  • Solar ventilation air preheating (including transpired solar collectors), and
  • Active daylighting.

ANTARES staff has extensive experience evaluating and designing each of these technologies, and we are intimately familiar with how each can be implemented to effectively satisfy the various energy directives passed down to federal facilities.

Feasibility Studies and Installations

To our knowledge, we have been the only consulting firm chosen by both the U.S. Department of Energy and the Department of Veterans Affairs to perform renewable energy feasibility and design studies for federal facilities nationwide, under blanket task ordering agreements. These often involve detailed solar feasibility assessment and analysis, and ANTARES’ corporate solar experience includes feasibility, design, and engineering studies for a wide variety of U.S. private- and public-sector facilities.

Financial Flexibility

With so much concern surrounding government spending, most specifically in terms of renewable energy, many federal investment projects can benefit from one of several financing strategies aimed at reducing upfront capital costs. ANTARES is well versed in providing comprehensive technical support for the complex financial models set up between federal agencies and third parties, and we can help to improve your project’s bottom line through contracting arrangements such as PPAs, ESPCs, and UESCs.

To learn more about how ANTARES can help with your project, contact us here.