Biomass Energy Services for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies are in a unique situation when it comes to developing a biomass-powered or combined-heat-and-power project. You need to meet your mandates for reducing energy intensity and using renewable energy (e.g., EPAct 2005, EO 13514, and DoD-specific requirements), but you have to ensure that you do it cost effectively and meet all the FEMP analysis requirements when evaluating your options. Further, using federal dollars to develop a project requires particularly careful consideration of potential environmental impacts. This is where ANTARES comes in.

We’ve helped VA medical centers, national parks, and other federal clients across the U.S. to evaluate their biomass-fueled and renewable energy options. Our multi-stage feasibility studies include detailed cost/performance projections, preliminary environmental evaluations, and FEMP-compliant lifecycle cost analyses.

Thorough, Compliant Feasibility Studies

There are a lot of rules to be followed when making federal project development decisions. You want to make sure that every box is checked and that every guideline is complied with so that no unexpected obstacles appear further down the road. But you also want to think innovatively within the structure of these rules. Our feasibility studies balance compliance with openness to many options, encompassing:

  • Logistical concerns relating to fuel storage, truck traffic, and noise levels,
  • Historical preservation and aesthetic concerns,
  • Fuel supplies and susceptibility to nearby projects and changing energy prices,
  • The boiler or fuel conversion system that best fits your project needs,
  • The environmental impacts of one’s fuel choice or fuel switch,
  • Project sensitivity to a range of cost and performance factors, and
  • Alternative financing options (including ESPC, PPA, and UESC).

Our feasibility studies provide all the information one needs to confidently decide whether or not a biomass-fueled project is the most appropriate investment.

Innovative Support

Some federal sites are searching for cutting-edge projects that can showcase the agency’s commitment to sustainability. Others seek tried-and-true technologies that help meet mandates with minimal risk. Whichever category you fall into, we can help you evaluate the full range of options for your site: everything from less established gasification approaches to conventional boilers with standard steam turbines.

For more information about what ANTARES can do for your project, contact us here.