Energy Technologies for Federal Agencies

ANTARES works with numerous federal agencies including DOE, DHS, and GSA. Choose a technology area to learn how we can assist you. Also read about our GSA energy management services.

Biomass Energy

Biomass heat and power projects can help federal agencies meet mandates for renewable energy. ANTARES has evaluated biomass projects for VA medical centers, national parks, and many other federal clients.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency improvements are often some of the easiest and quickest-payback investments you can make in your facility. Improving facility lighting, equipment, and process efficiencies keeps money in your pocket while shrinking your environmental footprint. ANTARES can develop a comprehensive energy audit identifying the best efficiency investments for the unique needs of your facility.

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Ground source heating and cooling utilizes the constant temperature of the earth (as little as 20 feet below ground) to serve as a heat source/sink in building applications. This highly reliable, efficient technology can yield significant benefits when designed and sited properly. ANTARES can help you quickly determine how to best implement geothermal technology across a wide range of potential project sites.

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Wind power is the fastest-growing form of renewable energy, and ANTARES has the expertise needed to take a project from inception to deployment. ANTARES services include wind resource assessments, economic feasibility studies, meteorological tower installation, visual simulation, and public outreach.

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Solar power is a rapidly developing field that ANTARES has worked in and watched evolve for over 20 years. We offer solar resource and project feasibility assessment services to help our clients identify the ideal technology and implementation for their facility. ANTARES simplifies obtaining permits, receiving incentives, and monetizing RECs: all of which help make solar projects more economical.

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