Solar Energy for the Commercial Sector

More and more companies are looking towards renewable energy to reduce energy costs, provide an independent backup power supply, and/or to show support for the environment through sustainable business practices.

Solar energy solutions can be especially appealing as they have very low operation and maintenance requirements as well as broad public support. There are a variety of solar energy technologies and applications, and ANTARES can help find a system that works for you.

ANTARES offers a wide range of solar-resource and project-development services to help our clients identify the technology and implementation that best addresses their objectives. Whether with our comprehensive feasibility studies, project installation services, or existing system evaluations, ANTARES can help you to attain your solar energy goals. We’ve helped to evaluate nearly all kinds of solar systems, including:

  • Photovoltaics (PV) for generating electricity (including crystalline silicon, amorphous/thin-film, and concentrating PV technologies),
  • PV street and parking-lot lighting,
  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) for generating heat and power,
  • Solar thermal hot water generation,
  • Solar ventilation air preheating (including transpired solar collectors), and
  • Active daylighting.

Since ANTARES is entirely focused on the renewable energy and energy efficiency markets, our staff is very familiar with the ins and outs of government programs and incentives that can enhance solar energy project economics.

ANTARES corporate solar experience includes feasibility, design, and engineering studies for a variety of private- and public-sector facilities throughout the U.S. These projects have ranged from small solar arrays and solar hot water heating to megawatt-scale PV arrays.

Project Development + Installation

Our staff has helped design and install over 100 solar PV systems and is highly skilled at providing a best-practices approach to maximize project value. ANTARES has a long history in project management and is intimately familiar with all phases of development, installation logistics (including coordinating vendors, sub-contractors, permitting, and inspection), commissioning, and benchmarking.

We employ a cradle-to-grave approach, addressing all aspects of operational efficiency over the lifespan of the system, from conceptual development to system decommissioning.

Evaluation of Existing Systems

ANTARES also has experience evaluating existing solar energy systems that may not be operating as expected. In some cases, incorrect installation or failures over time can lead to lower energy outputs or regular outages. If a system is generating less energy than anticipated, it can have a significant impact on your cost savings and the return on investment for the project.

ANTARES staff have evaluated both PV and solar hot water systems that were suffering from operational issues, successfully identifying problems and suggesting available methods for system improvement.

To learn more about how ANTARES can help your solar project, contact us here.