Energy Efficiency and Auditing Services

The continued success of a commercial facility isn’t as straightforward as it is for an industrial one – it cannot simply be measured by an increase in production parts or a reduction in scrap material. Because commercial facilities typically provide a range of services for their customers, they place greater emphasis on both occupant comfort within their facilities and their ability to provide exceptional care and services.

Improvements done at commercial facilities must keep an eye on these objectives before they can be truly successful at achieving energy reductions. ANTARES has seen many instances where equipment installations that were originally intended to save energy have simply been overridden manually to minimize consequences to comfort and service. Our extensive experience allows us to provide our commercial clients with energy audits that not only reduce operational and maintenance costs, but properly attend to staff and customer needs throughout the year.

The Best Projects for Your Facility

Throughout the energy auditing and consultation process, ANTARES works closely with the facility staff to address their questions and concerns throughout the auditing process. Oftentimes staff have heard about a certain technology or product that they believe could save them energy and improve customer comfort, but they may not be able to properly quantify those savings. Depending on facility needs, ANTARES can focus their efforts on a specific area (e.g., the boiler room) or do a full-scale energy audit that encompasses the entire facility. Our detailed audits include:

  • Assessment of building equipment and instrumentation (including data collection, as appropriate),
  • Identification of potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) based on existing equipment and facility input, and
  • Analytical cost/benefit analyses, ranking the potential ECMs and determining their relative energy savings.

ANTARES makes final recommendations on which ECMs should be implemented based on overall energy savings, upfront costs, and impact on facility performance.

An Experienced Project Partner

To date, ANTARES has performed over 100 energy audits, with another 50 reviews of third-party energy savings calculations (verifying them under real-world operating conditions). Our assessment team has worked extensively with hospitals, national parks, and universities to reduce their energy consumption. We’ve also investigated measures including boiler upgrades, lighting retrofits, HVAC optimization, window replacements, and interior/exterior insulation improvements – to name just a few.

To learn more about how we can help your commercial facility, contact us here.