Biomass Sustainability

The advent of a certifiable biomass sustainability standard will give U.S. Biomass producers access to emerging markets where sustainability is a key for market development.

A strong sustainability platform for biomass production in the United States is anticipated to assist biomass producers and consumers to demonstrate that their supply chains are operating in a responsible way through enhancing local environments, building local communities, and stabilizing the financial status of biomass producers and their biorefinery partners.

Biomass and bioproducts can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and if produced with a focus on sound science can provide similar benefits for the regional environment. Robust supply chain analysis and sustainability planning will:

  • Add vibrancy to local communities,
  • Enhance production and logistics efficiencies, and
  • Strengthen outreach for project developers.

Agricultural residues, energy crops, forest residues, and wood waste are the primary examples of biomass included in the developing biomass sustainability standards.

Verified biomass sustainability baselines and tracks improvements in soil, water and air quality, helps to maintain local biodiversity, builds rural communities, promotes business transparency and legality principles, and encourages fair trade of products while charting a course of continuous improvement.

A Partner with Unmatched Experience in Biomass Sustainability

Seeking compliance with U.S. Sustainability Standards is an advantageous way to gain market access, increase market penetration and reduce barriers to production. ANTARES has experience with all of the feedstocks listed above and we work with clients to develop renewable feedstock supplies for their production systems. Our resume includes:

  • Playing a leading role in the development of the Biomass Market Access Standard (BMAS),
  • Testing the BMAS Agricultural Standard with leading biomass producers in the United States,
  • Providing leadership in developing BMAS Web-based Certification Tools, and
  • Field testing Standard Indicators within our multiyear biomass logistics research activities.

ANTARES is a pioneer in the development of an agricultural biomass certification system, implementation, and planning strategies which recognize biomass sustainability.

Contact our experienced team today and learn more about how we can assist you in building your sustainability credentials.