About Us

Founded in 1992 as a private professional-services firm, ANTARES is unique in its continuous dedication to implementing cost-effective clean energy solutions. Headquartered in Lanham, Maryland (with regional offices in Fayetteville, New York; Moravia, Iowa; and Harrisonburg, Virginia), we consistently receive the highest financial rankings by Dunn and Bradstreet. Our high-quality work and cost-effective solutions have earned us the following recognition and awards:

  • Nominated by NREL for Small Business of the Year
  • Received an SBA Administrator’s Award for Excellence
  • Received a Congressional Record Commendation for outstanding service, and
  • Recognized by the Secretary of Energy for improving air quality, strengthening the local economy, and enhancing public awareness of alternative fuels.

Management Team

Edward Gray – Principal
Edward E. Gray is a registered professional engineer with degrees in both Chemistry and Physics. Twenty-five years of his professional experience have been devoted to the development of advanced energy systems and new energy resources. He has been involved in every aspect of project and business development for advanced energy systems, including: market and economic assessment, business partnership development, systems design and analysis, and project monitoring and evaluation.

Kevin Comer – Associate Principal
Mr. Comer is a mechanical engineer and associate principal of the Antares Group with 15 years of professional engineering experience. Mr. Comer has eight years of experience in industrial/commercial energy efficiency analyses and techniques. While working with the Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center program (formerly the Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Center program), he was the lead engineer on over 50 industrial audits, which resulted in energy conservation, waste minimization, and productivity improvements for the host manufacturers. He is also one of the ANTARES solar application staff and has been part of the photovoltaic design team. His experience includes specialized formal training in PV applications analysis and design.

Christopher Lindsey – Associate Principal
Mr. Lindsey is a lead project manager and associate principal. He manages key corporate contracts and performs technical and economic analyses for renewable energy and bio-based product development projects across a diverse range of technologies, including: integrated gasification combined cycles, small-scale advanced biomass cogeneration, fossil plant repowering, fuel cells, biomass cofiring, microturbines, bio-based refineries, photovoltaics, wind, and concentrated solar power technologies.